Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Poetry - WHEN ONE

By: Nicole Allen

When one puts emotions close to their heart
It makes one think harder and put together the parts

When one is lonely, the house is quiet and still
Never moving, only watching, this everlasting trill

When one is exhausted, dry eyes and sorrow means nothing
Only the comfort of rest and the softness of night can calmness bring

As night dawned on, and the lonely one slept
The sky heard their cry, and loudly it wept

The light broke through trees and the water was pouring
Slowly stirring the lonely heart to see what was going

They looked out the window to see the dark skies
The clacks of thunder and the rhythm of cries

Replenished yet cold, the lonely heart was thinking
Of how to make this day mean a greater something

When two are connected, when they weep and cry
A feeling of relief and hope made everything seem right

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