Friday, July 19, 2013

My Poetry - July 19th

The worst memories are meant to last
I can see it right there, I can feel it surrounding
I am petrified, like a hallucination
I don’t ever want to relive that
I want everyone to leave it be

The effects of the moment grow stronger with fear.
The fear of failing, the knowledge of failure, and the infinite edge I feel as though I’m on
Fairness is gone, no mediator in sight, truly on my own, so desperately wanting to fight.
No one to help, I’m cross legged on the floor with my head filled full of nothing.
Just sitting and listening to the nothing.

Calm. Finally. The nothing keeps me calm.
It usually never works, but I’ve trained to make it so.
mustn't let this effect me.
I can do whatever I want,

My passion will drive me, my spirit will guide me, and my mind must be clear and calm.

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