Friday, June 7, 2013

CGGC: What to Wear

Keeping warm and protecting yourself from insects and the UV rays are very important while camping. Your clothing options can help tremendously if you choose the right kind!

But who says you can’t look good while doing it? Here I will show you a packing list for some items that would be smart to bring.

2-3 DAYS
·        2 Tees T-shirts or a simple comfy top will do
·        1 Plaid Shirt. Flannel plaid shirts are good quality, durable, and an easy way to stay a bit warmer at dusk.
·        2 Shorts. 1 jean short for durability and hiking. The other for lounging.
·        1 Pair of Jeans. Get designated camping jeans that are comfy, tough, and good to get dirt on.
·        Belt
·        Pajamas sweats are probably best
·        3 Pairs of Underwear (changing everyday help you stay and feel more fresh)
·        3 Pairs of Socks, 1 Long Sock Maybe even bring more socks; you can easily go through plenty of socks. Long socks are great for cold nights for extra warmth
·        1 Bra 
·        1 Tank good to cool off in
·        1 Sweatshirt great for when things get colder and sleeping in

·        Beanie for when it gets cold at night
·        Baseball Cap or something similar to block the sun out of your eyes, or when your hair isn’t cooperating, or purely to look cute!

·        Boots for hiking because they are sturdy and will protect your feet. If you’re going to be somewhere that has recently been rained or snowed on, these are great for keeping you dry and will conquer through mud.
·        Sneakers for everyday use. Bring some sturdy ones that you don’t exactly love, but can get fairly dirty.
·        Flip flops for being able to relax in. wash your feet off and put those on, you’ll feel really clean afterwards

·        If it turns out to be rainy, and your clothes soak, don’t worry. Either drape your clothes in tree branches to hang dry, or bring a rope and clothes pins to tie up and hang your clothes on
·        FOR EMERGENCY: Rain ponchos are not cute at all, but they are incredible at keeping you dry, just slip one on and no rain will soak into your clothes.

Now for the fun part…


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