Thursday, May 25, 2017

Journal Prompt | An Ideal Day...

As I open my eyes, I stretch out my toes and take a deep breath in. I lightly kiss Seth on the cheek as I pull off my covers. I slip on some comfortable clothes and quietly head out the door. I find a canyon to hike to the top of and bring my yoga mat for an early morning sunrise stretch. I would take a moment to close my eyes, relax and feel the warm rays tickle my skin. The air would be crisp and clean, I would hear nothing but the trees and grass rustling softly with the breeze.

I'd make my way back home to pick up, fold laundry, and get clean and ready for the day. I would make breakfast for Seth and I as we discussed politics, music and finalizing our trip out of the country coming up. After sending him off, I'd brew myself a cup of coffee and get to work. I'd catch up on e-mails, brainstorm concepts, work on my upcoming book and post to my blog. I imagine myself in a beautiful room surrounded by bookcases full of my favorite novels. A space all my own that's filled with art, photos, music, literature and memorabilia.

After a few hours, I'd stretch my legs and go for a bike ride to my favorite park. I'd pack a lunch and my hammock and a good book to read. The sky would be that infinitely gorgeous blue color with only whispers of clouds. The leaves would softly blow in the breeze. I'd spend my time reading for a few hours, close my eyes and listen to sounds, or maybe take a quick cat nap. I'd head back home to meet up with Seth to go out to dinner. We love to go out to a movie, concert, open mic night or a show together. I would end the night with a quick rinse off shower, dress in comfy clothes and make a cup of tea to unwind with. I'd cuddle up close to Seth and we would fall asleep watching our favorite T.V. shows.
That to me, that sounds like a perfect day.

Thanks For Reading,
Love Nick

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