Saturday, June 20, 2015

One Year From Now... | Day 20

  • I want to be friendly and more open than I've ever been before. I want to feel comfortable being able to ask questions, smile at someone, or talk to anyone I need to without any recollection of what they may be thinking of me. 
  • I want to feel more sure of myself and who I am. I can't wait when I come home from the Philippines and see how much I've changed! To also not be afraid of that person. I want to feel more sure of my values, opinions and views on my life. I want to be able to stand up to the people that bring me down in my life. 
  • I want to be well traveled! I'll already be out of the country by this time, but hopefully I'll have taken a couple of trips! I have way to many places that I want to go, but I hope that I can reach as many as I can as the life goes on!
  • I want my writing and blogging to get better and better! 
  • Hopefully by now I'll have a good amount of money tucked away into savings that I haven't touched for any reasons or emergencies in months! I'm hoping some savy money managing skills have made their way to my brain also...  

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