Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My 2017 Goals | A Year Of...

If you know me at all, I'm an avid list maker. There is a chance that I should be concerned for my mental based on how much I love making lists and staying organized. Regardless, it's one of the biggest reasons why January is one my favorite months!

I'm guilty of a lot of new years resolutions bleeding over into the next year and the next year... I'm determined to make this year different. Some years I end up with close to 30 new resolutions, all involving sub parts and explanations, but this year I decided to switch it around a little bit and keep it simple. 12 goals to represent the 12 months...

improve my physique
boost in confidence
"Meatless March"
research a topic
cook at home
find a hobby that makes me happy
1 month social media hiatus
go somewhere new with Seth
cross 3 things off my bucket list
start my book
read 12 books
do 12 service projects

Thanks for Reading!
What are your new year resolutions?
Love, Nick

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